Kids Clothes Week Prep

This is now the third year that I have read about Kids Clothes Week and wondered if I could handle it. I have a whole bunch of posts I need to actually write up and share with you about handmade kids’ clothes. I’ve been reading Jess’ blog Craftiness is Not Optional very closely for a few years and wondered how much of her kids’ clothing she actually makes… but I tell you, as many pieces she turns out, this has to be something I can do.  I decided that I was going to tackle Sylvi’s wardrobe this Fall/Winter and try to make all her dresses.  Done and Done.  But I did it too far in advance of KCW.

Last week, I switched the kids’ clothes to the warmer options and realized Liam had ONE pair of pjs for winter.  And by ONE, I mean I grabbed them at a garage sale because they glowed in the dark.  Whoops.  So I zipped to my ever-growing fabric stash in the basement and hoped I had something masculine.  Lucky for me, I have dinos, rock monsters and mustaches.  So my main goal for KWC is to make three sets of pjs for Liam.

If I have time (and gumption), I’d also like to make a few tops for Sylvi.  She has plenty of 2T tops, but I remember that last winter, the 12-18 month tops were suddenly way too short and I had to break out the next size, so I’m hoping to prepare in advance.  I have a thermal knit, a basic brown floral knit and a really soft blue floral knit I ordered from Girl Charlee.  Oh my, my… if I could just click and add everything I see into my shopping cart on that site… oh my.

Today, I made my plans. I cut the pj fabrics out.  I realized I don’t have enough to make anything longer than Capris out of the rock monster fabric.  I will be creative!!!

So what about you? Are you participating in Kids Clothes Week?

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