Summer of Reading

I am a reader. Blogs, magazines, eReaders, books, newspapers… I almost always have something I am reading. The kids have FOUR bookshelves that house their books, and my collection has had to be trimmed to accommodate their hunger for books.

Every summer, our town’s public library has a summer reading program that lasts for 8 weeks. Liam was born four weeks into the program, so we waited until the following year for him to sign up.  He got his first library card and I read an absurd amount of books about dump trucks that summer.  🙂  The following summer, Sylvi was two months old when the program began, so we brought her along, signed her up and she also is the proud owner of a library card.  Last summer, I realized I needed to get a system or I was going to have incredibly stressful trips to the library!

We visit the library on Monday mornings, so on Thursdays, I sit down with each child and we decide what kind of books they are interested in.  Liam requested books about “fast trains” and “sharks”.  Sylvi asked for “Ladybug Girl” (this is a new phrase for her, so it took a few tries before I figured it out!) and I chose Lions for her animal since she’s been roaring from time to time and telling me she’s a lion. Two year olds are great, aren’t they?!  I have a few books for myself and then rounded out our requests with a few books about summer.

Why did I request these books?  I only have two hands and two very spunky children.  And sometimes… I get a little carried away with all the books I want to take home from the library.  Last year, I was choosing books, Sylvi was pulling them all off the shelves and Liam wandered off because he saw a motorcycle in the parking lot.  A stranger brought him back inside and returned him to a librarian.  I was mortified!!! So now, I request books so I am certain we have something to read and then when we go in, I don’t have to worry about picking out “enough” books because I already did… then the kids can pick what they want and when we check out, we’ve got about 20 or so to take home.

This year, each child will get to use their library cards to check out their selections, too!  I can check the due dates of books through the online account (and even pay our fines now… ahem), request more or update info on the family.  At the end of the program, each child gets to pick a free book and I usually buy them a book that was their favorite from the selections as well.

I keep up our book choices by choosing topics the kids are interested in or from suggestions I find on line.  Many libraries this summer are using the “Dig into Reading” theme this summer and I found this Pinterest board with activity suggestions!

What about you?  Do you read more in the Summer?

Work in Progress Wednesday – Friendship Star

My bestie had her ninth baby a few weeks ago. I wanted to make her a quilt… and I’m still working on it. I knew I wanted a total of NINE patches, but I wanted those patches to be a challenge for me.

My favorite patch

When I started looking for patch patterns, I discovered the Friendship Star and simply had to make it.  And yes, I’m completely aware this is cheesy, but I just love how it’s looking!

I used the Posy pattern from Moda, ordered from Crazy Girl Quilt Shop.  Fantastic place, fast shipping. 🙂

So here I am… I’m just need to finish quilting the top and bind it and I’m done!  It’s so pretty and sweet and soft.  Oh man… so soft.  I need to make one for the living room now…

It’s been almost a month since my last post. I know this. And you know how when you haven’t made the effort in a friendship for a while and you try again, it’s always a little awkward?  That’s what has been preventing me from writing recently.  It started out that in light of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I just didn’t have anything that was important enough to tell you.  Honestly, people died… why would you want to read about my latest salad dressing?

I then had an entire series of posts about children’s books I was very anxious to share with you.  All that needed to happen was my sitting down to take photos. And, I got an email from my uncle that his granddaughter, my cousin’s 14 week old baby was dying. All the treatments and medication hadn’t been able to heal her sweet body and she passed on to heaven as I was in the car on my way to Detroit to get my passport expedited.

After my return home, I wasn’t in a place to really communicate. I didn’t have anything to communicate. As each day as passed, I’ve wondered how to break back into sharing here on this blog. So instead of a fabulous post, I’m being honest.  I’m still cooking, I’m still quilting, I’m still parenting my little people.  I still have thoughts and ideas to share… and want to share… I just needed a break. And without planning it, I got it.