Weekend Protection Program

Is it just me or is the weekend sacred? Matt’s birthday was this week and we discussed how he wanted to celebrate. Turns out, a trip up to Cleveland to visit Little Italy and shop (and eat) was what he really wanted, but the weekend. Tomorrow is FULL. It begins at 730am with me settling into the sound booth at church and won’t end until after small group at night. Our solution was to take Friday off from work and school and do our trip then.

We had a delightful day, came home and went to supper with Matt’s parents and fell into bed late. But this morning, we got up slowly. Sylvia requested breakfast in bed and Matt and Liam went to jiu-jitsu. I started a fire in the fireplace and set Rosie to cleaning bedroom floors.  Laundry is running and I need to go visit my grandmother this afternoon, but these are peaceful things.

And we’ve preserved one day of the weekend to rest.

Why is that so hard? Why does the calendar fill up with activities and commitments and suddenly, the concept of rest flies out the window?

In our case, we say yes too quickly. I’m learning to slow my response time. To ask more questions and pause before I try to please people. There are so many good things to say yes to, but sometimes a little silence is necessary.

So today, the fire is roaring, classical music is playing. It’s cold and dreary out. I’ve protected this day from the calendar and too many quick yeses. It gets easier with time. It gets easier to stop and think before I sign up for anything else.

But until I’m a pro at it, my calendar in the Weekend Protection Program.