30 year goals

Turning 30 is one of those things that everyone seems to dread.  I didn’t really so much until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly, our house was far too cluttered and I wasn’t productive enough.  I really wanted some inspiration and motivation, so I decided it was time to get some fire.  A few of my friends have spent their birthdays at the spa or going on vacation or getting a new look or running a marathon.  None of these things are for me considering that I’ve got two small children that I can’t be away from and I really dislike running.  Instead, I decided to give myself a new, creative challenge for the year: quilting.
I like to sew and I think it would be fair to say that the main reason why I like to sew is because I love fabric.  I love the patterns and the colors and the textures.  So for my birthday, we took a trip to Amish Country so I could purchase fabric for my very first quilt.  I chose a simple pattern that was on display since it looked fairly forgiving and then got down to the business of choosing my materials.  I could have stayed in that shop for a week and still not seen everything they had to offer, but alas, Liam was with us and not nearly as enamored as I was with the options.

In the end, I settled on a brown fabric for the focus and then 5 others to coordinate.  I’m so excited about this new project!  I’ve already cut 24 of the squares that will become part of a large patch.  Today during the kids’ naps I started on the other parts of the large patch. It’s a simple pattern (according to the description!) and I actually feel confident that I can do this!  I’ll be posting some updates to the quilt and then any of my other projects if they strike me as interesting enough to post.  See, I’m not all food!

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