Just like Cinderella…

…Only in barefoot shoes.  As a participant in the Go Green Get Fit Challenge, generously sponsored by Planet Shoes, I got to try out a pair of shoes that were suitable for my focus of exercise. I have been anxious to try out the barefoot shoes as my Chiropractor swears by them and since I’m not doing anything too crazy while I exercise, I chose the Merrell Pace Glove.

I think it worth mentioning that I am a big fan of chiropractic care and since I’ve had a lot of trouble with my knees and hips I did ask my doctor what he thought.  The Pace Glove is more supportive than other styles of barefoot (or minimalist) shoes, so with the encouragement from my doctor and the support the shoe offered on it’s own, I clicked “add to cart” and started stalking the mailbox as I waited their delivery.

They arrived last week, but I wanted to give them a few different scenarios before I reviewed them.  I started out with a 1 mile street run.  Amazing.  So light and airy.  I tend to buy a cross trainer for my shoes and even though I don’t buy the most clunky style out there, there was a distinct difference between my shoes.  My calves ached for the rest of the evening, but other than that, I had no soreness so I figured I had made a good choice.  I have not run more than a mile and half in them yet, but my doctor told me that I should give my body time to get used them before striking out on a long run.  So I’m adding about half a mile a week and listening to my body along the way.

I then wore them to my cardio class yesterday.  It’s an hour long class and although I had done similar exercises at home, there’s nothing like being in a class with an instructor leading the way rather than stopping to check the online article again for what move comes next.  As the class worked out, it was outside in a field instead of in the gym.  I was a little nervous about running in the field since it was both wet and uneven.  I wear light socks with the shoes since I cannot stand the feel of my feet in a closed in shoe without socks, but even the socks were not wet.  Even thought this shoe is very light weight and breathable, I didn’t feel like my feet were exposed too much.  Running on a track or even pavement is different from off road/trail running any way you slice it, but I didn’t think it was an issue with these shoes.

When I do circuits at home, I like to wear shoes and I loved doing mountain climbers with these shoes!  They didn’t drag on the carpet and they kept me from slipping while holding plank.  Additionally, they are just cute.  I get a lot of comments on the aesthetic value on the shoes from people and they are fun to talk about.  I love my shoes, but I want to make it clear that I did check with a health professional before changing my support and style of running.  I have heard some grumpy tales about barefoot style shoes, but in my opinion (from personal experience), if you listen to your body and don’t try to be an Olympic qualifier the first few times out, you’ll be ok.

Disclaimer: I received the Merrell Pace Glove shoes free of charge from Planet Shoes as part of the Ge Green Get Fit Challenge.  The fact that the product was no cost to me in no way influenced my opinion.