Welcome to my kitchen! I hope you are comfy and have cup of coffee or tea while you read. This blog started allllll the way back in the winter of 2007. I had been married less than a year to my sweet husband, Matt and during a horrid blizzard the sinking realization dawned that I couldn’t actually cook. I decided to start a blog to document my journey and feeling ambitious, I titled it: The Fearless Chef. Through those beginning posts, I learned a lot about food, myself and the world around me.

In time, this blog has shifted with my life. Although much of my life is spent in the kitchen, it’s not all about food anymore. These days, my counters are covered with preschool art, snacks and laundry. Our kitchen is now the stopping point before we head outside to play, where the art happens or where Matt and I chat while we do dishes at night. And it’s where the pug can almost always be found.

Vito the pug is my most loyal eater, shadow and stinky buddy. He’s been a member of our family since a month after Matt and I got married, so he’s been through the good and bad meals, a move, death, birth, toddler hugs and yet every night he climbs in bed to snuggle. His sister, Nunzio passed away on September 11th, 2013 and since then, he’s assumed the role of most spoiled pug in the world. He embraces this role.

Our little family is comprised of Vito (of course), Matt (a graphic designer by day and superhero as soon as he walks into our home), Liam (4 going to 27, insistent question asker and future Avenger), Sylvi (2 and in possession of more than spunk and sparkle than I’d ever imagined possible) and me, Laura (Biologist-turned-stay-at-home-mama and professional laundry wrangler). Just in case you’re still wondering about the quirks that make me tell the stories and share the adventures, here are a few bonus snippets about me:

~ As a 4th grader, it was my life goal to be an ornithologist. I gave a speech to my home school co-op about this career and decided in the middle of the speech that bird poop wasn’t worth it.

~ For my 30th birthday, Matt bought me fabric to make a quilt. I made one mistake and put it away for a whole year. Then suddenly, right before Christmas 2013, I decided I would learn to quilt. Now I have dreams about quilt patterns and cannot wait to fill my home with beautiful projects!

~ If I’m going to spend time writing in my journal, I like to do it at the table, with a cup of coffee and quiet. Which means, I don’t write nearly as often as I’d like. But I’ve kept one since I was 8 so, I write as much as I can.

~ That being said, I cannot wait to introduce my children to journaling their thoughts and prayers and dreams! And the importance of an awesome pen.

~ I’m a Christian. I go to a Baptist church, which I suppose makes me a Baptist. What it does not make me is someone who can’t be your friend if you don’t love my Lord as much as I do. I still value you, your thoughts and your opinion… I believe He created us to be individuals… so rock who you are!

~ My father is a police officer. I do not even drive across a parking lot without my seatbelt on.

~ I’m a nervous talker. It’s one of my biggest dislikes about myself. If I’m actually comfortable with you, I don’t feel the need to chatter… I simply carry on a comfortable conversation, but heaven help us if I’m uncomfortable.

~ My husband’s biggest pet peeve about me is that I multi-task while I watch tv. Like right now, we’re watching a show, but I’m typing. It’s a tough habit to break.

~ Both of our babies were born at home, Liam in our sweet little brick cottage, and Sylvi in our bland brick ranch. It was my childhood dream and I’m so glad Matt was able to embrace it!

~ We live in Ohio, in a smallish town where a traffic jam is caused by a tractor driving down the road. I never intend to leave.


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