April’s first goals

Oh hello.  It’s Monday again.  Do you have any major plans for this week?  Or goals?  I had 3 appointments today and I’m wishing they were all I had scheduled for the week.  Alas, life goes on and my calendar is pretty full.  BUT, the weather is supposed to be nice this week, so I’m hoping so get the kids outside and burn some energy this week.  Matt actually cut the grass last night for the first time this year.  On April 1st.  It almost seemed like a joke to have such long, unruly grass in April.

This week’s goals:

  • Continue getting up at 6am to exercise and do research while the house is quiet.
  • Prep some good snack ideas for the kids.  Both of them are getting up earlier so the stretches between meals somehow are longer… I’m beginning to feel badly about the amount of graham crackers they’ve eaten.
  • Finalize the menu and plans for Sylvi’s birthday party next weekend!!!
  • Clean and declutter master bedroom (Anyone else find that the parents’ room winds up being a dumping ground for household clutter?).
  • Work on my book review of the Non Toxic Avenger for the blog.
I’m hoping to get a few extras accomplished and do some freezer cooking because the week after Easter, Matt is supposed to get vacation time and he’ll be home working on the fence.  Our backyard is large, but somehow no one can stay within it’s boundaries.  This also includes the deer who helped themselves to my hydrangeas.  I’m super excited to get my garden planted… the last thing I want is my entire crop of Royal Burgundy green beans to become a snack for someone other than me!

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  1. It sounds like you have a fun and challenging week ahead! We have a fence here the needs putting up, too, if you DH gets bored! ;D

    New goals this week for me include trying to fit “tot school” in to every week day (with a plan instead of just randomly) and start blogging again. Last month I finally felt fully adjusted to having the baby. Now I need to step it up a little!

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