Beautifying the cash system

This week, I was reading a blog that had a cute idea for making pretty cash envelopes.  And then, I thought: I must do this.  You see, I have the theory that no matter how badly you want to do something, if you don’t like what it looks like, you won’t.  Seriously.  Why else do you think they make cute exercise clothes or fun note cards for homework?  We as humans are visual beings and if we can just tap into it, we can really use this to our advantage.  I read through the instructions and then realized that I had no envelopes that  were the correct size for a dollar bill, so I began “the scrounge”.  The scrounge consists of me rifling around in my stashes of crafting things and finding what I need so I don’t have to spend any money.  It makes the hubs proud.  Anyway, I realized that I had a some card stock left over from a project that I just loved and also I had  small plastic box that I could use to keep all of my envelopes and coupons and the check book together.  I could hardly wait for naptime!
I used 12 by 12 inch papers and cut them lengthwise so that I had pieces that now measured 12 inches by 6.5 inches.  
Then, I trimmed and folded the paper up so that it was now only 6.5 inches long.  (I should mention here that I wanted to make sure the envelopes would also fit in my wallet and the wallet could be zipped.)
I sealed the edges with simple scotch tape and then folded the lip down so it was now in the shape of an envelope.  I wanted the envelope to close, so I added the feature of photo corners so it can stay just so.
And then… well… my cricut machine was already out from a project I had worked on earlier in the week, calling my name from the far end of my craft table.  I made cute little labels for the front of the envelopes with contrasting paper, you know, for a little flair.  While I was at it, I made little labels for my coupon envelopes and the dividers for my box.  I made the dividers out of chipboard and just taped them to the insides of the box walls.  I just needed something to keep my envelopes separate, so sturdiness wasn’t a huge concern.

After that, the only thing really left to do was to label the envelopes!  Since my husband takes care of all the bills through our bank’s online bill pay feature, I didn’t have to set anything up for that.  I did, however set aside envelopes for groceries, stock ups (this is for bulk foods, soap nuts, anything I’d need to purchase online), kids clothes, donations, fun money, crafting(this category includes all projects for myself, the family and my MOPs girls) and gifts.  I have a few extra envelopes in case I come up with more categories, but for now, this is all I really split up my part of the budget for.  I’m absurdly excited to take them out for a spin, but since I don’t have my grocery list made out yet, it’s going to be a few days.  My next project is going to be a new check book cover.  I saw an idea on etsy to applique the words “spend wisely” on it and am currently searching for the “perfect” fabric.  Can’t wait to see how that turns out!

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