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Today, my baby boy turned 4 years old.  He sleeps in his own giant bed and chooses his own clothes. He says things like “I didn’t realize that” and “Mama, did you know…?” He knows so much trivia about heavy machinery that I just sit back and smile while I talks. Recently, as we prepare for preschool I’m noticing more and more of his quirks and I get the chance to celebrate who he is even more deeply.

I started reading to Liam when he was still in utero. I could hardly wait to purchase an entire library for him. And I am thrilled to continue to purchase those books for him. So in light of this, I asked him for his favorite books so we can share with you today. (For the record, I bought him another book for his birthday, he sleeps with it at night 🙂

My little guy is all about vehicles and superheroes. He’s been like that since he even could make simple choices, so the bulk of books that occupy his bookcase are well… “boy” books.

The Beginner’s Bible – We read from this one almost every night and I love that because the story is so simple, he always has lots of questions to further the story details.

Little Golden Book – Thor

Scholastic Books – he loves the ones about Legos and Superheros

The Cars Storybook Collection – Obviously this one is a favorite 🙂

A Treasury of Curious George – This was a shower gift for Liam and the book I attribute to his unnaturally long attention span… Thank goodness we have George!

How Machines Work – This was my brother’s book left behind when he moved out of my parent’s home.  He got it in high school. Liam pours over the pages for hours.

Farm – I love everything about this book EXCEPT that you can see the signs along the fields for the seed manufacturers. Makes me crazy.

You Can Name 100 Trucks – This book came from a garage sale and I tell you, it’s almost worn out from chubby toddler fingers combing through the pages every day. Fantastic book!

Anything by Jennifer Sattler! – Of course, we are partial due to the focus on Pugs… but she is still an excellent writer!

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go – I bought this book for Liam as an activity for while I nursed Sylvi. Each page has so much on it that we used it often as a sort of I Spy book and now, I see him doing the same with his little sister all on his own.

We finished the summer reading program this morning and picked out our prize books.  I’m still debating which books I will add to our own library for the kids from all the books we brought home.  I’ve added one hardbound book each year that each child newly discovered through the program, but this year… there were SO many great books this year!

Have you discovered any new books to read to your children this summer?

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  1. We have the Beginner’s Bible, too. Great choice, Liam! Lydia asked for a pink Bible for her birthday, just last week. She is all pumped about her new pink princess Bible.

  2. We have the Begginner’s Bible too:) actually 2 of them! We are on a hunt for reading programs this summer and recently found that B&N have one here in San Diego that every 8 books you read you will recieve 1 FREE love free stuff!

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