Tuesday was the first  MOPS meeting of this theme year. I’m the mom in charge of the newsletters, so I’ve had lots of opportunities to read through the theme material and consider the goals. This year, it’s to take the opportunity to step and be YOU bravely. In the context of the mothering community, we can rally around one another’s bravery in support… kind of like a good bra… and who doesn’t love good support, right?

I’ve never thought of myself as a brave person. I’m too reserved to be brave. I like to be safe and follow the rules, so bravery never comes as the result of adventure. But you know what I do like? Superhero movies. A tense mystery novel. Action movies. Adrenaline-laced films I can watch from the security of my living room. I’ve always been happy to live vicariously through the creativity of screen writers and actors. Then I became a mother and it felt like every moment was dedicated to an expression of courage. Colic? Be brave. Post-Partum Depression? Be more brave. Building a solid relationship with my mother-in-law? Put on those big girl pants and get BRAVE.

I thought that for myself the theme would be about being brave and standing up for myself. Setting boundaries and taking care of myself. It’s not something I’ve ever done well and I decided at the end of last year that I was going to focus on Presence. But if all you ever do is worry and wonder if you are keeping everyone happy you don’t get to be very present. Oddly enough, once I worked on my boundaries, learned to say no and started to feel more present with my children, I realized that there are areas in my life where I need a little bit of support.

This year, I’ve stepped out {often shaking in my boots} and actively started to seek help for my son. Almost 3 years ago, our doctor decided that his sensory quirks warranted a diagnosis and Occupational Therapy… the gross motor skills needed that therapy. In the past 3 years, we’ve seen 4 different therapists and Liam has grown a lot, and yet, we still struggle on a near daily basis with many of issues that make his {and by default my} life so hard. I reached out, and have discovered so many other families in our circumstance. Perhaps, the best thing I could have learned from the idea of bravery is that sometimes, admitting we need help is more courageous than struggling on alone.

If you’re looking for more great writing from the MOPS organization, check out the Hello Darling blog… lots of fun and challenging posts on that site. And if you’re looking for community, you can also look up a MOPS group in your area and maybe find a little more support for your own bravery.


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