Strawberry shortcake

It’s the very beginning of berry season here.  I’m beyond excited.  Excited in a way that I should probably be embarrassed about.  But I’m not.  In fact, as I type this, I’m messaging with a friend to try and get a load of people together to take the patch by storm next week.  I’m gearing up to fill my freezer once again and I am excited!  Last week, while I was at the market, I found local strawberries on sale for an excellent price, so I snapped some right up.  They weren’t very big, but they were so sweet and juicy that I had to make shortcakes.  Paired with some freshly whipped cream and my most recent attempt at a plain vanilla ice cream that didn’t contain only heavy cream as the base, it made for a wonderful end to dinner.  Shortcakes are essentially a sweetened biscuit, which I was thrilled to learn are rather simple to make.  My only down fall in this experience was realizing that I don’t own a biscuit cutter and had to use a mini tart pan in it’s place.  Biscuit cutter is now on my list of things I “need”!  I won’t lie, I didn’t make up my own recipe, I used the one from Martha’s book.  Honestly, there are somethings I don’t mess with and anything involving cutting in butter is one of those things.  You have to know your limitations.  Mine don’t involve any on strawberries, though.  You can never get enough!