To spin a yarn

I know that today is one of our favorite holidays.  Saint Patrick’s day is the one day a year that I make Irish Soda bread and Matt drinks Guinness.  As usual, we had a dinner over at our friend’s house; it was an early evening for us as Liam made it clear when his bedtime hit.  It was a nice holiday.  Today was also laundry day.  In light of that, I have this lovely little post about my green and frugal laundry methods.

I’ve tried everything for our laundry.  I’ve done the all natural laundry detergents, the homemade soap and a very brief attempt at hand washing.  In the end, a friend of mine suggested Soap Nuts.  At first, I thought it was silly.  I couldn’t even say the name without giggling.  I tried a sample and was hooked.  My clothes actually smell clean and I must say that the diapers are in wonderful shape still!  I recently placed a full order and it’s super exciting to just toss the little bag of nuts in my washer and know that I’m not wasting anything.  

Then, we had the issue of the dryer sheets.  With cloth diapers, you can’t use anything extra, so I would get them out of the dryer and they would be in one giant blob from the static.  Even with dryer sheets, our clothes were coming out a disaster laced with electric static.  I overheard a friend talking about her dryer balls and how great they were, so I set out to find out about this wonder.  2 weeks later I was the proud owner of 10 wool dryer balls.  Making them is the easiest thing in the world, so easy that I had to keep checking the directions and even wound up calling my friend to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.  I hadn’t, it’s just that easy.

One evening while watching Bones, I sat with my skeen of yarn and started winding it up into a ball roughly golf ball size.  I had a large skeen of yarn (you can only use 100% wool yarn and mine specifically said it was for felting… which is the ultimate end to the yarn) and from it, I made 10 balls.  Then, the next day, I put all the balls into a knee sock and tied the top closed with a small piece of yarn.  I tossed them into the wash with the rest of my laundry.  When the load was done, I took the whole sock and threw it in the dryer, also with the laundry.  For each load of laundry that I did that day, I just kept taking the sock back and forth with the laundry between the washer and the dryer.  At the end of the day, I had stacks of clean laundry and 10 tightly felted balls.  

As the day progressed and I kept washing and drying the balls, I realized that the static cling in my clothes was getting less and less with each load.  Today, I did 4 loads of laundry, one of which was diapers with no static.  I love these things!  You can add a fragrance to the yarn as you are winding it, but I chose not to.  You  can use any color yarn you’d like as well.  I’m boring so I have heather gray dryer balls, but still work as well as a pretty one!  Bonus: they serve as great entertainment for Liam while I’m working!