Sandwich wraps with a surprise

Today is my sister-in-law’s baby shower.  I get to host it so I am in charge of the food… yay!  I’ve made some delightful little cream puffs, potato salad and sandwich wraps.  Since the party starts in a few minutes, I’m only going to share the sandwich wrap idea with you.  It’s simple, but I’m head over heels in love with it.  You see, I have gotten rather concerned about the amount of fresh vegetables I consume in a day.  I’ve started putting thin apple slices in my turkey sandwiches.  It’s amazing as a panini, by the way.  And as much as I love this idea, people who see me slicing an apple for my sandwich tend to give me the stink eye before declaring they will make their own.  I know I saw somewhere a photo (and it probably was followed by a recipe) of a sandwich wrap with included veggies.  I searched high and low but couldn’t find it anywhere in my bookmarks and since I didn’t decide to start the hunt until a few hours ago, I had to improvise.  Initally, I thought that a juliene cut would be wonderful in a wrap, but slicing up the carrots like that proved to be a serious challenge.  Also, the little carrot twigs fell right out of the tortilla.  In the end, I chose to slice the carrot lengthwise on the thinnest setting (the one we use for chips).  Instead of your traditional condiments on a sandwich, I used an herb and vegetable cream cheese.  I bought a mix for the cream cheese at a little coffee shop, but I am going to play around and try to make my own… It was divine!  

 Just had to show off a photo of my grandmother’s fruit tray and the super cute plaque I got to decorate the table!

I used simple tortilla wraps from the store and layered the meat, cheese and lettuce on before adding the carrots.  Since I had used cheddar, I thought it would be nice to not put the two ingredients of similar color next to each other.  I rolled each tortilla up and cut in it half on the bias before spearing it with a toothpick.  Matt was busy outside doing yard work all morning and when he came in, he was hungry.  He was also disappointed that I had taken a bite of his wrap.  I had to taste it first though!

**post edit note**  These wraps were a hit, even with people I didn’t think would like them.  This may wind up becoming a new go-to dish for visiting family instead of the ubiquitous burger!