First trip to the farmer’s market and produce bags by me!


I’ve been sewing a lot lately.  I’ve made bibs, a birthday banner and reuseable produce bags.  I’m on a roll.  I had to pack up my sewing machine so I can get the house ready for Liam’s first birthdaypalooza on Sunday, but after that… What I like most about my little sewing machine is that I can take a piece of fabric that looks as though it might be a waste and turn it into something of value.  The birthday banner I made can be used for years to come in place of paper decorations that I would have to throw away.  The bibs are obviously useful, but really, how often can you buy 8 large bibs for 3 dollars?  Remnants bin my friends!

But that’s not really what this post is about.  It’s about the fact that my garden isn’t producing as well as I had hoped.  I guess I’m not treating it as tenderly as I used to.  That and I don’t have the time I used to.  Next year, I’ll be able to get Liam involved, but for now, I’m trying to keep him from eating my weed pile and hoping the dogs don’t hop the fence and destroy my pumpkin patch.  Friday mornings, vendors set up their produce, crafts and pottery down by the carousel and sell, sell, sell.  I see that I am going to have to make weekly trips.  This week, we came away with a 1/2 peck of green beans, 3 eggplants, leeks, carrots, garlic and rhubarb.  I’m so excited!

The best part about my trip was that I got to use my produce bags I made earlier in the week.  They’ve been sitting in my living room, tempting me every day to take them out for a spin.  They were a trial run to test the materials and seam styles.  I also tested 2 different drawstring materials.  Before I start making more, I’m going to see how they wash up.  I loved that none of the farmers had to give me a bag, I walked out of the market with lots of goodies and no waste!