Challenge update

 Pear blossoms

I had signed up for the No Waste challenge in an attempt to get myself back on track after being so lax in my efforts.  I signed up, approached my kitchen with greater purpose and have thrown nothing away in the last 2 months.  Nothing.  I have never been so proud of myself for actually using each and every item I purchased.  This week, however, I did have to pitch some questionable food in my fridge that a relative had sent over and my husband stuck in the fridge without telling me.  I never knew it was there until the fridge smelled odd.  Last night, a bag of scary looking potatoes went to the compost as well.  There was little I could do to rescue them.  Also, I bought a few bags of Sunchips since they now have the nifty compostable bag!  I’m super excited to see how they break down!  I checked into the research that Sunchips posted on their site, so I won’t be able to actually report on the progress for a while yet, but it’s exciting to see each trip I make to our little pile.  Also, I think the compost at the bottom of the pile is ready (finally!  It only took about 2 years to get everything broken down.), so we will be adding it to the garden this spring.

Transplanted Rhubarb that seems to really be doing well!

I’ve been going over my garden plans a lot, but haven’t really settled on my official plan.  Today, I did get some herbs in, but it started storming before I was able to get my deck boxes ready for the lettuce I’m anxious to plant.   The grand plan is for Matt and I to work on the gardens/flower beds/yard over the next week (culminating with a big work day next Saturday) and then I will plant as I am able through the following weeks.  I decided not to do peas this year since we just haven’t been able to get rolling with the prep work and I’m not certain that it’s all that worth it for me to plant them when every year I wind up finding plenty at the farmer’s market.  Also, by not planting the peas, I can get down to business and try broccoli and brussel sprouts since I’ve been dying to do those but never have the room.  Also, I’m not doing potatoes.  I tried them 2 years ago and they were a total bust.  I was really frustrated since we worked so hard on them and only got a few potatoes back.  I’ve found a local farm that sells 50 pounds for 10 dollars, so I feel that it is a good choice for now. 

 Helping Mama plant Basil

Also this week, I’ve been taking Liam to the compost pile and talking about the fine art of vermicomposting.  He is mainly interested in throwing things into the pile and not so much in my lecture, but we’re still talking about it, right?  Which then brings me to my next challenge update.  I decided to participate in Abbie’s Environmental Education Week Challenge since I can actually start the environmental education with Liam now.  I’ve got a post percolating about what all we’ve done this week and some photos to share.  But I’m saving that until after tomorrow’s trip to COSI (the Center of Science and Industry) since I’m sure there will be something to talk about there as well!

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