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Oh this week.  I’m incredibly grateful for all the people who stopped by, called or texted to see how we are doing after burying Nunzio.  It will be a full week tomorrow and I think it is safe to say that we are all doing well, except our poor Vito.  He isn’t the most active of dogs, but he’s just extra sad and lost lately.  As I type this, I’m waiting for a package of special doggie dental spray to arrive.  I’m trying to make sure his health doesn’t fall by the wayside in these years of small children who demand much attention, and I noticed a spot on his lower gum that freaked me out.  And I’m already planning his Christmas stocking.  Poor puppy hasn’t gotten to have anything other than rawhides for Christmas (or his birthday for that matter!) because Nunzio would shred all the toys that we got him.  So my sweet Snuggle Pug is going to get his moment in the attention spotlight, I think!

Did you order your copy of Whitney’s new book yet?  It’s $14 on Amazon right now! I tried two of her recipes on Sunday to honor my mother’s birthday (it’s a yearly tradition to celebrate the life that was lived so we can keep her memory alive for the sake of my children who never got to meet her).  My goodness.  I just ate the last of the Farfalle with Pumpkin Cream Sauce and Bacon for lunch.  And yes, I did wait to eat until the kids were in their rooms for quiet time so I wouldn’t have to share.  I did share the Chocolate-Swirl Pumpkin Gingerbread, though.  That recipe made an amazingly moist and decadent 9×13 pan of cake.  I sacrificed my fear and loathing of molasses to make this cake and do not regret it one bit!  So good.  So good that if I hadn’t given away half the cake, I would be in trouble.  Tonight, we are having the Curry and Yogurt Roast Chicken and later in the week her Crispy Polenta with Sausage and Fresh Tomato Ragu.  It’s a good food week here!

Next week, I’m trying a few recipes from either Pinterest or the Pioneer Woman’s second cookbook.  Liam has been in Occupational Therapy for a while now and our therapist pointed out to me that if he is ever going to get over his oral aversions to certain textures, I am going to just have to keep exposing him to food, even if he fights me on it.  So I’m learning to adapt our supper menu so that I get to try new meals, but there is always a familiar element in case Liam can’t handle something.  Case in point: the Pumpkin Farfalle.  He cannot handle bacon no matter how it is cooked.  There is real gagging and throwing up so when I cooked the meal, I made sure to set aside the bacon until I had dished his meal out and then added the bacon to the rest.  I also added in grilled chicken and peas to the meal and am proud to report that he ate 6 peas that night.  He didn’t gag at all, so I have good news to report to our therapist that after 3 years of working with him, he ate the peas.  He didn’t choke (which I think is the main concern for him) and they tasted sweet.

We are currently in the full swing of soccer academy for Liam.  He loves it.  As in, he pestered me daily until the program started and now counts the sleeps until the next practice/game day.  As a parent and someone who used to work in supplemental education, I think the set up is fantastic.  The kids all meet at the field twice a week for 1 hour.  The first half hour is spent focusing on a particular skill and they rotate through stations to do skill specific drills.  Then, they divide into teams and have two games against each other, rotating teams once.  I had been running drills with Liam since last summer when he showed interest in the sport, and although he has the skills, he’s not an aggressive player.  So he participates wholeheartedly when the mood strikes and the rest of the time (largely during the game portions) he’s running around and checking out his shadow in the setting sun.

Matt is done with golf league for the year, Praise the Lord.  Our Monday nights were loooooong this summer.  And we did not eat well.  Lots and lots of scrambled eggs and bagels those nights.  I think he really enjoyed the opportunity to get out with the guys and do something HE enjoys even though I really had to push him to sign up.  Now his Fall has already been filled with some freelance work building websites and a really neat opportunity to design the concept art for his former roommate’s movie script.  Every time I see something my husband draws I am just blown away by the skill.  It’s phenomenal!

As for me, I’m just keeping my head above water.  MOPS begins in a month and I’m very excited for the year to begin.  I’m still freelance writing and learning a lot through my research.  I finally have a comfortable home schedule and spend a lot of time with my little bestie, Sylvi.  She is growing up so quickly and is promised a big girl bed as soon as she stays dry through the night.  She is dressing herself pretty well and has finally learned how to put her own underwear on!  There were so many funny, funny moments when she was learning! She misses Liam terribly when he’s at preschool and is just desperate to play soccer with him, so I’m trying to figure out a good balance to help her feel grown up, but still my baby!

So that’s what we’re up to!  My quiet time was short-lived today, so it’s back to reality for me.  Good thing I already cleaned up the evidence of my lunch! 😉

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