Cheddar-stuffed Burgers

Are your Fall weekends still nice?  Mine are.  The weather has been nice enough out that we could even still eat on the porch if we wanted.  The trees are changing and I love being surrounded by color all the time.  With the weather still like this and dozens of projects to do around the house, it’s nice to still be able to grill out.  My husband is in  charge of the grill.  I also have given him charge of what goes on it.  He saw an idea about cheese-stuffed burgers and after many attemps, has finally mastered it.  So far, the favorite is a simple ground beef burger, stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped classically.  I like it and it was Liam’s first burger.  And now Liam loves burgers.  He’s his father’s son.

After much trial and error, Matt has decided that the best method for making these burgers and not having a huge mess all over your grill is to make 2 separate beef patties, 3oz each.  These are fairly thin patties, but once you add the cheese in the middle and they cook, they are the perfect size for a burger.  In the center of 1 patty, place a piece of cheese, about 2 oz worth and big enough to fill the center of the patty.  Top with the other patty and press the edges together.  Don’t be slack in this step or you will have a very cheesy mess all over your grill.  Finally, grill until they are the doneness you desire.  Top as usual and enjoy this nifty change to your average cook out!

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