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Given that I spend so much time in yoga pants and a cardigan, I suppose it could be considered odd how much I like makeup. My skin is fair and marks easily… so even a tiny zit leaves behind a red dot that will last for a while. Which annoys me. So I wear make up on a regular basis. I always used either my fingers or a sponge until an esthetician introduced me to brushes. Since then, I’ve broken up with my previous methods and fully embraced the brush.

Essential Oil Make up brush cleaner
Photo Credit/Link: Ann Voskamp’s Facebook Page

The thing with brushes is that you do actually have to keep them clean. If you don’t, you just keep pushing bacteria around your face {whether you mean to or not} and risk infecting your pores. Personal experience says washing is actually worth the two minutes of my time. Ahem. Sephora sells a spray that you can spray on your brushes after each use, but their cost seemed a little silly to me. So I set out to create a cleaner that didn’t break the bank, was gentle on my skin and effective.


I really love how flexible my Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap is. I use it to clean the oven, the glass top on the stove, carpets, the washer, for my everyday cleaner, and now my makeup brushes. This recipe is something that I only make in small batches at a time since it uses essential oils and I have a plastic bottle. Isn’t that little bottle so cute? It was a sample of Ecover dishsoap and I just couldn’t throw it away!


Make Up Brush Wash

Mix all the ingredients together in a small squirt bottle. {This is an example from Amazon: 2oz Empty Bottles, but I’m sure you could find something in the travel section of your local drugstore.} Shake to combine. Squirt a little of the cleaner out into the palm of your hand and swish your brush tip in it. You’ll notice the makeup start to come out and mix with the cleaner. {You may need to clean your brushes more than once if you’re like me and didn’t think it was a necessity, but once you start cleaning them, it takes less and less swishing to get them clean.} Rinse the brushes and dry with a clean washcloth.

** Don’t store your brushes upright {like mine in the photos} while they are drying… leftover moisture will run down into where the bristles are attaches and before you know it, you’ll be losing bristles faster than a post-partum woman loses hair! No bueno. **

Need to order some essential oils? Check out That Mama Gretchen’s DoTerra page!

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