Community in a Columbus Coffee House

I’m always so thrilled to find other mothers who are as passionate about the same things as I am.  Motherhood can be quite a challenge without having friends around you, but when you have passions that aren’t as mainstream as everyone else’s, well, allies are hard to come by.

Photo Credit: Jenny Confer Linn

Thursday, I made another trip to Columbus to meet with the ladies of Moms Clean Air Force Ohio, a few newly interested moms and Ben Famous, the aid to Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH).  It was a great session for questions and answers.  For the second time in a month, I got to sit back and watch other mothers find their own passion.  It’s just the most gratifying thing in the world to watch someone learn a new thing.  The amazing part about being involved with a group that is on the ground is that you don’t have to wait for the page to reload to watch the changes in people’s lives.  You can see it right in front of you.

Moms Clean Air Force is a community.  Just by meeting these women, I’m making new friends, learning new things and finding other mothers who are as wild about the air we breathe as I am finding myself growing day by day.  So Thursday, I got to sit in a coffee shop with my children and listen to Ben Famous talk about Senator Brown’s position on clean air.  I got to be re-inspired and watch other mothers be inspired.  And I loved every second.

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  1. I love that feel this way. I have worn many hats on my journey through this life but have never found so much joy as I do being part of this MCAF effort in Ohio. I talk about our group to anyone who will listen and sometimes I think my friends must be so sick of hearing me… and then we hold a meeting. I see these women that I have been talking to come in and listen and watch their heads nodding and the light bulbs going off and the questions! They ask the most amazing questions! The energy I come away with is just intoxicating. I feel the same way Laura!

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