Continuing with the kitchen update!

When Matt and I got married, I was under the impression that we would do all these wonderful DIY projects around our little home. Our first project was to install a new sink in our kitchen – we spent the entire time fighting. Oh and I was insulted that instead of letting me “help”, Matt made me sit in the sink to weigh it down so the caulk would stick firmly.

We’ve progressed since then, thankfully. ¬†Now, I’d like to say that we work as a team: I come up with all the crazy ideas and he supplies all the brawn to make the crazy ideas happen. Of course, it isn’t a flawless technique and we do bicker along the way, but in the end we still like each other ūüôā Note that I said “like”. ¬†We will always love one another, but sometimes, the liking part is rough… like when it takes an interminable length of time to complete a project that the muscles make look easy…

Anyway, the backsplash was not planned. I just wanted to see if the tiles would come off… AND THEY DID!!! ¬†Matt had just left the room for a minute and returned to find me popping tiles off the wall with this nifty Japanese crowbar. The words out of his mouth were as follows: “I did not sign up for this!” ¬†Nonetheless, he made a trip to Home Depot after the kids were in bed to get me the adhesive I needed to finish.

Of course, as with all projects, it didn’t go as planned. I assumed it would be something to only take a few hours, but instead, we wound up having to scrap my idea of using liquid nails to stick the boards on the wall and just used teeny little nails to secure them to the wall. I had stained each piece separately and then put 2 or 3 coats of poly on them before arranging them on the wall. Once the boards were all on the wall, I still applied a few more coats.

I love that with all the neutral colors in our kitchen, the backsplash is a bit of unexpected interest in between cabinets and appliances. ¬†To keep things congruent, Matt built me a frame for my white board/pinboard combo. ¬†I had already planned to redo the center wall in the kitchen since Liam starts Pre-K in a few weeks and I want to have a place to display all the artwork he’s sure to be bringing home. The kitchen is still a great work in progress, but bit by little bit I’m really excited to walk in there and see how things are shaping up!

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