Different, but the same

My brother and his family currently live in Germany. They are stationed there for the next while with the Air Force and while it’s a neat experience for them, it means I don’t get to see them until they are stateside. When they moved, my niece was almost 3 and my sister-in-law was newly pregnant. I was feeling a little more confident with my quilting, so I started looking at patterns right away, hoping to send a little bit of family over when the baby arrived.


But when the announcement came that it was not one, but TWO babies our family would be welcoming in June, I put all my plans on hold. Twins, to me, are an amazing gift and while I love the matching everything, I wanted to make the quilts different…. but the same.


In the end, I settled on fabric from the S’more Love line and used the same white fabric for the backgrounds. I also chose to make a scrappy binding for each of the quilts with material from the fabric line. Each quilt has a flannel back that coordinates with the colors on the tops.



Connor’s quilt was made using the greens, browns and oranges from the line. I embroidered his name on a block that looked like a tree. I know, cheesy… but cute! I added strips of fabric to the back of his quilt as well. His piecing was so simple, I felt like it needed a little jazz. I did straight line quilting on the background fabrics and really love the minimal feel.



Victoria’s quilt took a lot of time. As in, days to piece and layout the blocks. I used only the mustard and aqua prints so that her quilt has a bright, girly feel to it. It was quilted on an angle through all the wonky triangle.

The quilts were flown over to Germany this week with my father and step-mother. They will be spending time with their new grandchildren and exploring Europe for a few weeks… and considering my last experience with shipping something to my brother’s family, I’ll take the free space in my dad’s suitcase over a crate with my niece’s birthday gift sitting in port for 7 weeks thankyouverymuch! I’m anxious to hear what they think of the quilts, but I guess more importantly, I’m hoping that when I do get to finally meet these adorable little ones the quilts will be very well loved!

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