Finish it Friday – 2013 Quilt round up

I decided last year that it was time to start quilting. I knew that the months of January and February were going to be ones where Matt wasn’t home much because of a huge project at work so I needed something to keep myself busy. I had this idea that I’d whip through these projects and I’d be snuggling under my quilts in no time. I started out with a project from Pinterest that wasn’t really a quilt and I realized that I had a long way to go before I’d really be “good”.

But once I made that first project, I had to make one for Sylvi too.  So I hunted around, found a pattern that used pre-cuts and got to work. It was very simple piecing and yet it challenged me because it was really my first time piecing together long rows of fabric. I also learned a HUGE lesson about buying quality fabrics with that quilt. I spent almost double on the material for Sylvi’s quilt than I did for Liam’s, but when the time came to wash them, his quilt shrunk by almost 6 inches.

I tackled another quilt, this time for a friend’s baby and quickly discovered how badly I needed a quarter inch presser foot. Funky angles come together much easier if you are precise in your stitching and that handy little foot made a huge difference for me!

Over the summer, I made pillow covers from a kit and learned I don’t like hexagons (yet) and I put together a table runner using a pattern from the quickly growing pile of quilting magazines in my bedroom. I enlisted the help of a lady in town to help me calculate the measurements for a quilt I wanted to make for my bestie’s new baby. I tried sewing with minkee for that one. I don’t like it.

With those projects under my belt, I bought a jelly roll of Winter’s Lane fabrics to reward myself for surviving the tri and started cutting for our winter quilt. It took me a little over 2 months to cut, piece, quilt and bind, but I absolutely love the end result.   I made matching stockings for our family from a pattern I got from ThimbleBlossoms.

To end the year, I made 3 more baby quilts. One for a friend having her third boy, one for my cousin’s much anticipated baby and one for a friend who is adopting a little girl, due in a few weeks. That last quilt, I finished binding on New Year’s Eve while I watched The Hobbit with Matt.

As I looked back over this year, I was overcome with all the challenges that this quilts were present for. Emotionally I grew a lot, as did my piecing skills. I started cutting piecing a quilt last night for Sylvi’s bed and I’m so excited to watch it take shape, be finished and loved in the weeks, months and years to come.

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  1. I loved reading about the things you learned along the way. Thank you for sharing. I too have learned to sew what I like. I don’t have to make something just yo say that I have. 😉

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