Finish it Friday – 2014 First!

I started working on this quilt right after the first of the year. I had thought that I’d be able to put it off a little bit longer, but since Matt bought Sylvi a mattress weeks ahead of when I thought he planned to, I had to scramble. The pattern is one that I was given at a quilt guild meeting and since it was just a black and white sketch I was anxious to see how all the pieces would come together!

I was in LOVE with the Noteworthy line from  Sweetwater so I’ve been working to figure out how to incorporate those colors into Sylvi’s room. I was fortunate enough to find a comforter and sheets at Target that coordinated perfectly with the Noteworthy line, so they held us over until I could finish the quilt… yesterday.

This quilt is made of four different blocks and then arranged in a gird to create the cascading effect. Personally, I really enjoy piecing and I was sad when it came to an end. Simple and really a lot of fun to make, I’m so grateful I went to quilt guild that day! I started to quilt this in an allover squiggly pattern, got about 1/6 of the way and decided I hated it. Not just a mild dislike stemming from a desire for perfection, I just could not stand how it looked. For the record, it took almost 8 hours to pick out each stitch. In the future, I will just stick to the simple quilting lines I like. In the end, I quilted diagonal wavy lines about 2 inches apart. By keeping the quilting to a minimum, the result is a soft blanket, accented by slight puffs of batting. I’m thrilled with the result! Matt is building a headboard and I’m hoping to have it set up this weekend.

I am taking a break from quilting for a little bit so I can start to work on Sylvi’s Spring/Summer wardrobe. I asked Liam if he wanted a quilt and he said no, he likes what he has. 🙁 I really want to make a quilt for his bed! Maybe he’ll let me make one for when he goes to college?  Sheesh. In the meantime, Sylvi and I sat down and talked about the colors she wanted for each of the dress patterns I have selected. Pink. She isn’t impressed with the materials I already bought, so I guess she and I will have to do some shopping soon!

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    1. So many times I stopped and looked to see if there was ANY way I could just work with it. Ha! I’m glad I didn’t though, I’m content with how it looks!

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