Fitness Finale

The last 12 weeks have certainly flown by. When I started the Go Green Get Fit Challenge at the beginning of summer, I anticipated doing before and after shots. I was excited to share how much weight I’ve lost. I also miscalculated the length of the challenge and thought I’d be completing my sprint triathalon before we wrapped up. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my goals to be and how I’d meet them.

I started out the summer enthusiastic and set lofty goals for myself. I pushed through sleep deprivation, hectic schedules, absurd heat and poor motivation. I ran with people and I ran alone. I cut calories and added so. much. water to my diet. I started biking again. I bought a swim suit and went down slides at a water park.

I decided to not weigh myself at the end of this challenge, because although there is a radical difference in my body, muscle weighs a lot more than fat and I didn’t feel like being bummed by a number. But here are a few details for you:

  • I bought a swim suit two sizes smaller than I bought just last summer.
  • A t-shirt of my husband’s that barely fit around my hips and rear earlier this spring, hangs off me now.
  • The Mommy and Me Fitness shirt that was tight on me this time last year, looks absurd.
  • The two-a-day workouts were so hard the first few weeks, but I really learned to like them… when it wasn’t still 97 degrees at 730pm that is!
  • I will have buy new pants to work out in, since my usual ones don’t even stay up now!
  • I catch myself loading the kids in the jogging stroller and then automatically stretching… even if I’m just walking and not actually running.
  • I think about how I get a greater workout out of doing everyday things. When I go downstairs to do laundry, I run up and down the stairs a few times instead of just schlepping back and forth. I am the crazy lady doing calf raises in the grocery checkout line.
  • I most definitely am the mom who races her children everywhere now, doing extra laps between the start and the finish so they can win.
My journey to Ernie fitness started in the early part of the year and the GGGF Challenge has only served to continue my rediscovered love of an active lifestyle. I say this because last October, I joined a weight loss challenge and lasted less than 2 weeks. A year ago, I wasn’t able to keep up in class and I didn’t want to go because I was so out of shape compared to everyone else there, never mind all those motivational posters about how great it was that I even bothered to get off the couch in the first place. So I gave up and quit. Because I felt bad about myself.
I wouldn’t say that I feel awesome about myself… I’m realistic. I’m pleased with how I look based on the quality/quantity of work I’ve put into my exercise. I also have continuing goals set. And I’m just fine with it that way!
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  1. Laura!!! You are such an inspiration – congratulations on igniting your inner fire and keeping it burning! I am becoming the crazy lady doing calf raises in the grocery store line too, and it feels really good to know I’m doing something great for my body and setting a great example for my kids with each lift/step/bounce/stretch/etc. Can’t wait to hear how the Triathlon training and event go for you!!!

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