Fitness Friday – 07.13.12

Alternate title: The Sunday Afternoon Walk of Shame

This week just slipped by me and exercise did not happen.  I felt as though I was in a fog all week.  I was tired and completely unmotivated.  Thursday morning, I had a meeting that I was amping myself up for all week and when it did not go as I had hoped, I let it get to me.

I did find myself spending time on the EcoMom page, reading the posts in the discussions and haunting the Facebook page.  And even a little bit of time on Pinterest.  I’m loving all the support that women can provide for one another and it’s been really neat to read everyone else’s stories… all different levels of fitness have joined the challenge and it’s just so exciting to watch the growth in their stories.

This week’s goal are simply to get 3-4 days of running in, keep my diet as clean as possible (there are an ungodly number of cupcakes in my fridge) and make sure I stay hydrated.  I feel confident about finishing the run Saturday morning and am looking forward to conquering something physical for the first time in ages!!

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