Fitness Friday – 07.27.12

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A slow week here… the kids were sick and instead of playing Typhoid Mary and passing the plague on to the few untouched children in my town, we stayed home.  I did several workouts in the living room and did manage to get a short run in.  Planet Shoes is a sponsor of the Go Green Get Fit Challenge and my Merrell Pace Gloves arrived courtesy of the sponsorship!  So far, I love them, but am waiting to actually write about them until I’ve gotten a good run and a class in.  Regardless of how they perform, I look pretty snazzy in them!

This week, I realized how much I really should get rolling on actually teaching Liam how to do some exercises.  He needs to work on his gross motor skills and our OT referred me to this neat blog: The OT Mom Learning Activities.  She’s got all kinds of fun exercises that actually have a purpose.  Liam needs to work on his core strength so we are doing lots of plank, mountain climbers and I’m working with him on the crab.

Of course, this post is late getting finished today because I was totally side tracked by the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!  Are you watching?  Liam watched a little bit of the beginning of the ceremonies and is really excited to watch the runners.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have a few activities set up for him this week!

Coming up this week on the blog: My review of Naturebox Snacks, a review of the very pretty (and comfy) Merrell Pace Glove Shoes, a few recipes and hopefully some fun activites we’ve been up to around here.  This week I need to check my weight and measurements for July and keep on running… I’m running the Blueberry Patch 5k 3 weeks from tomorrow!

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