Fitness Friday – 6.29.12

This being the last week in the month, it’s also time for me to check my measurements and weight.  In this past month I’ve made a few changes to my routines:  I cut out about

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50% or more of my regular gluten intake and started actually running.  By running, I mean keeping a steady pace of 3-4 mph for up to 1 entire mile stretch.  The total distance has been between 1 mile and 4.5 miles in a given workout session.  Considering that prior to this month “running” was the 5 minute free run during my exercise classes and I wasn’t really rocking those, I’m pleased. It had been 32 days since I’d last weighted myself.  I lost 8.2 pounds.  Since February, this is the most weight lost in a month time.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled!  Even more so since I did allow myself to indulge in chocolate cupcakes the last few weeks as we celebrated Liam’s potty training success.

I’m participating in the Color Run in 3 weeks.  I’m nervous.  I plan to survive.  I’m just trying to be realistic in that the race is in Columbus at the end of July and it probably won’t be a very comfortable run.  However, I’m looking forward to experience and the color!  I can’t wait to see the photos afterwards!

Typically, I do a workout in the morning and then again in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Yesterday it was blistering hot even still at 630p, so running class was cancelled and I went on a 15 mile bike ride with the running instructor. After the first 6 miles, we had returned to our start and decided to go for an “even 10”.  I wasn’t keeping an eye on my odometer, so everytime Brooke asked if I wanted to keep going, I said sure!  In the meantime, my thighs were screaming: “Are you CRAZY?!”  “Why do you hate me so much?”  And on the final return trip: “You have to walk on us all day tomorrow, please don’t hurt us anymore!”  I survived thanks to Arnica.  Yep.  Three doses before bed.  One at 1 am and then 1 first thing this morning and I’m totally fine.  I pink puffy heart Arnica.

Also, if you are outside working out, running, biking, whatever your choice of physical activity is, make sure you are hydrating enough AND consuming enough calories to get through your workouts.  I did a great job hydrating yesterday, but had only had 10 cheeto-type snacks between 1 and 7pm.  My belly was so full of water I didn’t notice I was hungry.  By the time I hopped eased off my bike at the end of the ride, I was shaking and felt weak.  I thought it was the heat, but a cool house and more water only made me feel worse.  Almonds, however… Anyway. has a great list of summer running tips to keep in mind while the temps are toasty during the Go Green Get Fit Challenge!

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