Fitness Friday – The Color Run Recap

Today was the first goal on my list: The Color Run.  3.1 miles of sheer joy, happiness and paint.  I have no idea how long it took me to finish, and I do not care.  I was so wound up in the starting line up, I forgot to start my timer. Regardless, the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.  I did not run the entire way, it was not possible. (And also, I did not stretch before we were packed in like sardines… foolishness in that decision.)  I was not aware of the sheer volume of people that would attend.  They released us to run in waves of 1,000 and when it came to the color zones, people slowed down enough that they were not only walking, but stopping to roll in the colored powder.  So yeah… I took my sweet time and enjoyed every moment!

I’m glad I did.  I’m even more glad that I did it with my friends from Mommy and Me Fitness.  They are such a great support to me and I’m thrilled that although I didn’t make it a continuous run, I DID it.  Six months ago, I couldn’t even make it through 30 seconds of running.  And today, I completed an entire 5K as a runner.

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