Goals, Lists and Plans

When I first started reading blogs, I was a newlywed with no cooking skills so my focus was on blogs was whole foods, cooking and anything “green”.  Over time, I’ve really enjoyed a range of blog topics and in recent years, I’ve added blogs on parenting and home management to my reader.  My life has changed dramatically in the last 5 years.  I went from full time employment with a commute at a Contract Research Lab to full time as an Education Director at Sylvan in town.  And then, part time at Sylvan and parenthood.  And finally, I’m a part time work at home mom with 2 kids.  Everything can be a challenge.  It’s a worthwhile challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.  How do I function?  Lists.  Goals.  Plans.

I’m excited to share some of the plans, goals and lists here.  I have a binder with all of my vital information and work from it on a daily basis.  This works for me because I’m a very list-conscious person and I love organization, but it did take me almost a year to get the kinks ironed out.  My routine is fairly flexible just I have small children, but again, it’s what works for me.

Even thought it’s the end of February, I’m feeling very Springy.  It’s 49 degrees out and Sunny with a capital S.  The rest of the week is forecasted to be in the upper 40s and 50s.  I can’t believe it.  How strange our weather has been this year.  I tend to tackle big organization or cleaning projects when it’s sunny out.  And since the wind is pretty wicked, I am willing to just stay indoors and not blow away.  This week’s goals focus mainly on organization.  I started purging the basement storage area on Saturday and am proud to say that I’m over halfway to the 40 bag goal with a whopping 22 bags of stuff either donated or thrown away.   I need to finish the basement before our furnace arrives.  It’s primarily because I don’t want workers down in the basement tripping over the clutter, but also because the clutter embarrasses me.    And although I’d really like to list my giant to-do list and say it’s my goal for the week, I’m trying to be a little more realistic this year.  Nothing facilitates discouragement like over-extending yourself.  So for this week, only 5 goals:

  • Sort and organize the kids’ clothes, weeding out the things that are too small and makes notes on what is still needed for Spring and Summer.
  • Fix the chair in Liam’s room.
  • Sort and organize the living room bookshelves.
  • Make at least 1 trip to the VOA with donations.
  • SCRUB the kitchen floor.
Those are my goals for the week, do you have any?  Is there beautiful sunshine where you live inspiring you to get a jump start on Spring Cleaning?

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  1. No wonder we get along – I am very list-oriented, too! I like that you are keeping your list manageable instead of writing a book. What is the deal with cluttered basements!? Our basement is my arch-nemesis. :/

    I work off of a daily to-do list and rotate through rooms and tasks as the week goes on. Saturday was supposed to be my day for seasonal tasks. It’s encouraging to me that it took you are year to iron out the kinks. I’m getting there.

    1. It takes so long to get anything workable because your life is constantly changing! I stopped writing things down and then having it look all pretty on the fridge with my schedules because I felt like as soon as I printed it out, someone’s naps went rouge and I had to re-do my plan. So I have a general outline to the day and chores of the day, but that’s about it!

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