Gym daze

Even though I said that my workout schedule switched to the early mornings during my Mighty Mommy post this week, it’s been going on for a while… I’ve just been comforting myself with the notion that at any point, I can snooze an extra hour or so and just go after supper. So I’ve been dragging myself out of bed and into the gym almost every day of the week, joining the throngs of other people {just kidding, there’s only like 10 people there} who are up before the sun. For real. It was still dark when I left my house this morning.

Anyway, since you are now duly impressed with my dedication, it’s time to mention that I’m pooped. So while I’m sweating away, I’m thinking and I’m planning all the things I will do before supper, the meals I will make in the remainder of the week and the topics I will write about. But somewhere between the sweat and soccer drills, all these lovely plans go straight out of my head. Gone.

Today was the first day of co-op. I went to the gym, I came home and showered {forgot to eat breakfast} and then put gym clothes back on since the class I’m a part of for the first hour is K-2 gym. During the second hour, I get a break… time to sit with half of the mamas, drink coffee and, if you’re me, work on that to-do list you started 4 hours prior. Except that I could not remember a darned thing. Sheesh. So I stared at my paper like a complete dolt, but I did manage to muster up a few items, which now that I see them, I have to laugh… clearly I wanted to look busy.

Friday is supposed to be my rest day, but I think I’m getting up once more. Saturday is going to be “cold” and rainy and my kind of day to stay home, put a roast in the crock pot and read. So tomorrow, after lunch, the kiddos and I will pack up and head to the library. And I will pick up a new pile of books to bury myself in for the weekend. I should probably change the sheets too. And put away all my canning from the weekend.

This is a season and as with all life, it’s fleeting in reality. I think there’s a shirt somewhere that says “Sore today, Proud tomorrow” or something to that effect. After my run, I stopped to wipe all the sweat off my face and gulp water. I happened to catch the eye of a Y employee who {bravely} high-fived my gross self and said “THAT is what you are supposed to look like when you’re done. I did not look at myself. Instead I told her I wanted a nap. Ain’t that the truth?

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