Homemade Applesauce

Does your toddler love applesauce?  Mine does!  Oh my, I have to actually hide the jar in my fridge or he’ll cry if he doesn’t see it going on his plate.  No joke.  I did some calculations and realized I’d be saving myself a boatload if I just made it at home rather than paying money for someone else to cook and smash apples.  Seriously.  Half a bushel of apples made me roughly 6 quarts/12 pints of applesauce.  I had a fun time making this over the weekend and am looking forward to serving it to a very excited little boy this winter!
  • 1/2 bushel apples – use a variety so you can get lots of different flavors and colors.  For this batch, I used Goldens, Jona-Golds, Macintosh, and a few sad-looking Honeycrisps.
Traditionally, you would peel your apples first and then cook them down into a sauce, but I chose to do the opposite.  I cut the apples into eighths and then threw them stems, cores, peels and all into my crockpot.  I cooked them on high until they were soft (about an hour) and then put them through the Kitchenaid mixer attachment for straining.  Once they were pureed, seed and skin free, I put the sauce back into the crockpot to hold until I was ready to can.  I did it this way so I wasn’t using any of the burners on my gimpy stove.  I have 2 crockpots so I had them both running with batches of apples.  It was fun to see how each batch was effected by the skin color of the apples.  I had one that was reddish, one that was almost brown and another that was almost white!  Once all the sauce was done, I got my jars, rings and lids sterilized and filled them with the hot applesauce.  I filled 5 quart jars and the rest got eaten.  The jars were then processed in a hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Total I now have 18 pints and 5 quarts of applesauce to take us through the winter.  I’m doubtful that it will actually last unless Liam decides that he’s found something else he’s in love with, but I know better for next year.  Next year, I’ll have 2 babies… so maybe I’ll do 2 bushels?

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  1. Making aesplpauce is what I’ve been doing for years in the fall with my grandchildren. I go to the orchard and get a mixed basket of windfall apples. Not the prettiest, but they make a tasty sauce. As soon as the grandkids are old enough to turn the Foley food mill ,they learn to make aesplpauce with Grandma.We have even experimented and used food coloring to make some funky- colored sauce. They love it. Once it cools I ladle it into one quart freezer bags.lay them flat on a cookie sheet, and pop into the freezer. Once frozen they stack neatly on a freezer shelf, thaw quickly and are a great side dish with pork, on cottage cheese, or warm for dessert with whipped cream! No matter how old the kids get, making aesplpauce is still eagerly anticipated each fall.

    1. If you do you absolutely must make it with masehd potatoes, who knew? masehd potatoes and this applesauce rocks!I showed your video to my girls guess I’m buying a candy thermometer tomorrow!!

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