Homemade Ghee

Another thing to check off my list!  I must tell you that the price difference alone was enough to make me want to try homemade ghee.  A year or so ago, I bought the jar on the right for 12 dollars.  I made the jar on the left for $2.17.  Organic butter doesn’t often go on sale, but when it does, I snap it up!   I cut the butter into small pieces and melted it over a low temperature in a small saucepan.  Once the butter was a liquid, it started to spatter.  I stirred it from time to time to keep it from actually burning, but it spit butter fat all over my stove for about 10 minutes.  Then, the bubbling slowed down until it was nothing and I could see the solids begin to form.  (Alas, I have no photos of this because I was also cooking dinner and making baby food at the same time.)  At this point, I believe that the butter became what you would call “browned”, and it had a wonderful aroma.  I let the butter simmer for another 10 minutes before removing it from the heat.  Once it was relatively cool, I covered my jar with a cheesecloth folded over many times and then slowly poured the butter in.  The solids were thereby strained out and I had a jar of golden, clarified butter.  I left it on the counter to cool completely.  Once it was room temperature, I transferred it to the fridge where it will keep for the next 6 months.  One pound of butter will give you about 1 1/2 cups ghee.  I made Indian food fairly regularly and honestly feel that it tastes better when cooked with ghee.  I’m saving a lot of money making my own, so perhaps I should put that money into a fund for another trip to India!

Resources: Fat by Jennifer McLagan

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