How does your garden grow?

I hope yours is doing better than mine!  Honestly.  This year has been a challenge for me and the garden.  I keep planning to get in there and work, but we have had a very wet spring.  It seems as though the only time I am free is when it’s raining!  Hopefully, things will change this weekend.  So far, it appears that Sunday is going to be gorgeous and I am planning to at least get my seeds in the ground and the fences up.  This year I will also have to contend with a curious toddler, so I am being as proactive as possible about not having seedlings crushed!  I do have my kale and some lettuce in my flower boxes, though.  


My parsley and chives and doing well too.  I am sad to say, though, that one spring storm came with hail and took it’s vengeance out on my freshly transplanted basil.  I checked it this evening and it seems to be doing ok, but it certainly isn’t in the flourishing category.  

The weather took a toll on my lilacs this year.  I just got out to pick some from the bush last night and even though they weren’t completely in bloom, there were many who had  seen a great deal of damage.  My hydrangeas show some signs of life and I am anxious to see how they do this year given the amount of buds I see!  Speaking of buds, get a load of my peonies!  I am really looking forward to them blooming; although with the blooms come the ants.  I detest that part of these beautiful flowers.  Does any one have any suggestions about how to reduce the number of ants?  I’ve heard that peppermint oil on the doorstep deters them and also spraying the peony blooms with soapy water.  Have any of you tried these methods?

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