Kids Clothes Week in Review

I noticed that several other blogs did daily posts, but I wasn’t up to doing that this week.  I was lucky to even squeeze in sewing time!  My email was a constant rush of incoming communications that couldn’t be ignored, the kids and hubs were sick and I was selling kids/baby stuff and had to do over 10 meetups.  I wasn’t so great with managing my time.

However, my end tally for the week is as follows:

  • 2 sets of size 4T pjs, one in jersy knit and one in flannel
  • 1 pair of jersery knit pj pants  in size 4T (I had a storebought shirt for the top)
  • 3 long-sleeved knit tops (in varying weights) in a generous size 2T

I spent a LOT of time prepping patterns pieces and cutting the materials out last weekend and it really paid off in the end.  Each of the t-shirts took about a little over half an hour to make once they were laid out!  I used an actual pattern for the 4T shirts and can’t say I liked it very much.  For all the other pieces, I used clothing from the kids’ drawers that fit how I wanted my pieces to as the patterns. And I must tell you that this time last year I was following Jess’ blog, Craftiness is Not Optional and marveling that someone could do that!  Now when I look at clothing, I can see how all those seams come together 🙂

Tomorrow’s post is being inspired by a conversation with my high school friend, Erin, as we talked about the percentages of our kids’ wardrobes that could logistically be handmade.  She is my knitting hero and I really enjoy reading her blog… you should too!  But come back tomorrow for a post on handmade wardrobes and what I’m learning!

Check out the official Kids Clothes Week Blog for photos and updates from the participants this week.  What about you?  Did you participate?

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