Kitchen table update

About a month ago, I started working on the kitchen cabinets and walls only to realize that the updates made our kitchen table look so much worse.  It’s my great-great grandmother’s so it was definitely in need of an update, but because it’s my great-great grandmother’s… I was nervous. Matt and I talked about it a few times, and then I walked outside to see this:

You’d better believe I screamed.

Two weeks ago, the table had been moved to our basement and sanded. Matt had taken the entire drop leaf table apart and reworked the legs so they could be on the outside of the table instead of in the middle where we were constantly bumping our knees. We talked a lot about what we wanted the end product to look like and I searched Pinterest for hours. Finally, thank goodness for Pottery Barn and their online catalog. We decided to use the same paint for the legs as we were using on the cupboards and woodwork and stained the top to match the backsplash. (Fear not, that’s in an upcoming post.)

Matt finished the table Tuesday morning in time for Liam’s birthday play date. And thankfully, one of my hydrangea bushes is in full bloom… hooray for centerpieces! The only thing I was sad about in this project is that it took forEVER. (And my husband is sad because I pestered him on a near daily basis until he put the table in the kitchen and we both realized the chairs need updated ASAP.)  Because it took so long, Liam had to eat his birthday breakfast on a card table.  To make up for that, I’ve been going nuts with the breakfasts around here.

Coming up this next week while I do my last four workouts before the Holmes County Triathlon, you’ll be reading two new pancake recipes and how to make a wooden backsplash.

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