Labeled {product review and discount code}

Courtesy of: Kidecals
Every one needs a little boost from time to time, don’t we? My happy boost comes from neat, tidy and labeled. Every year, I make jars of jams and jellies to give as gifts to my MOPS table, neighbors and lucky family members. But every year, I have a hard time coming up with a label I love.


I want the label to hold my name (so they know the source of the yumminess) and the name of my gift. But I also want it to be cute. Kidecals gave me the opportunity to test out their products and after a long, long time scrolling through all the options, I happened on their pretty canning labels. And just like their name, they are definitely pretty! I’m really excited to give away my jars this year… now I just need to start collecting baskets to put them in!
The labels are thick and stay put on the top of my jar lids. If you’re into freezer cooking, these labels might just be the ticket for you! And for the child who has serious allergies, I am really impressed with the variety of labels they’ve created to help you give a head’s up for those who might be caring for your children.
Check out the Kidecals website and don’t forget the discount code they have graciously provided for my readers when you check out!¬†Discount Code: ¬†fashion
Are you thinking about your Christmas gifting yet? What’s your favorite homemade treat to give?

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  1. Ooooo! I have always wanted pretty labels, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. My printer is older and I was afraid to ask. But look! I cam just order some!

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