I know, I know… again with the lack of blog posts.  There’s a lot going on here!  I’m busy with the October Unprocessed challenge and beginning some Tot school work with Liam.  And I’m writing other places!
Sunday, my first Opinion shapers column was in the Mansfield News Journal.  So far, I’ve gotten negative comments, so if you’d like to read and have the desire to leave sometime positive, go for it!  I got an email tonight from a reader and it really made my day to hear that she had appreciated my article.
Today, I guested for Abbie at Farmer’s Daughter.  She’s teaching Physics this year, so I got the chance to write about my sewing skills.

Speaking of which, I made Liam a little apron this afternoon to wear while we cook.  Matt made him a Helping Tower to keep him from falling off the chairs in his excitement to help me.  I’m pretty excited about it and so is he.  So much that at night in his attempts to not go to bed, he asks begs to bake with Mama.  Anything to not miss out on the excitement of staying up late!

Tomorrow is the October Carnival of Natural Parenting.  Our topic is Money Matters and I personally, am really excited to read the other submissions and maybe learn something new.  Or even get some couponing tips.  I don’t know about you, but I get nervous thinking about stacking coupons.  You know that show on TLC about extreme couponing and how those people are always freaking out at the check out over their totals?  Yeah.  Their totals are in the hundreds to thousands.  I stacked coupons for the first time for toilet paper last week and was sweating in anxiety that I wasn’t doing it right.  Clearly, I could use a few more tips!

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