Laundry day

It’s Wednesday and at my house, it’s the day of the week that I do the bulk of my laundry during the winter.  Come Spring, it will get spread out a little more throughout the week since my line only holds 2 full loads at a time, but for now… the morning after a hard leg workout in my Mommy and Me Fitness class, I struggle up and down the stairs in the name of keeping my leg muscles warm.  Anyway, in light of what I’m doing today and a recurring theme on laundry at the Green Phone Booth lately, I thought I’d make today’s post about laundry.  Visit the links if you’re looking for ideas on how to reduce your laundry or what environmentally friendly detergents to use.

Kelly posted about how to reduce your laundry load with 8 simple suggestions.

EcoYogini gave a review on 2 of her favorite eco-friendly detergents.

RetroHousewife talks about Soap Nuts (a regular in our laundry room).

Homegrown Mama (that’s me!) talks about how to keep your washer clean without drowning it in bleach.

Since there’s a lot of laundry in this house, there’s bound to be stains.  Spaghetti stains (Sunday night), blood stains (yesterday morning), paint stains (this morning) seem to be attracted to Liam’s clothes.  And Sylvia’s, too.  Did you know that banana slices leave marks?  Oh yes.  To combat the stains, I mix up a concoction of 1 cup water, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide.  I keep it in my bathroom and shake very well before each use.  I’m a little bit of a recyclables horder, but after a few tries, I discovered that the salad dressing bottles made by Kraft are perfect!  (I do reccomend running any bottles through the dishwasher prior to filling with your stain remover, though.  Even if it has been over a year since you last used that Catalina salad dressing purchased during a pregnancy craving, there’s no reason to have little bits coming out because you were in a hurry to clean your clothes!)

And with that, I’m off to fold laundry before the kiddos wake from their hard-earned naps!


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  1. Confession: I never fold laundry. I leave it in the dryer or in the basket by the dryer and dig through it every day. I understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore.

    1. You’re just too funny! Sometimes, it’s up to a week before I actually get the laundry folded. Sheets and towels will sit in a basket until I change them again. And if I do get the laundry folded, then it sits on the dining room table/living room/basket until I finally get it together and put it away. Those Duggars have the right idea with just one closet… I’m constantly trekking all over the house! But I try… even if it’s just to pretend I’m on top of things. 🙂

    2. After several times of Daniel gentitg dressed in the morning for work and coming out to the kitchen to ask “um… do I have any clean ____ ?” I sat down and wrote out a laundry schedule. I do 1-2 loads a day, and none on Saturday or Sunday (unless I get off schedule or I need something washed specifically). As for fabric softener… I don’t buy it either, but last winter I got 4 bottles for FREE w/ coupons, and I use it every now and then. I like it!! But I’m used to the laundry w/out it, so I don’t mind not using it. There are recipes for homemade if you want to use it but not buy it.

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