Laundry Day

I just finished folding a load of laundry and have another one in the wash and a load of diapers waiting for me to get to them to fold and put away.  In a house where there are 2 small children, one of whom seems to go through clothes like water, laundry is a nearly endless task.  I’ve tried to cut down on laundry over the years, but when it comes down to it, it’s just easier to do the laundry than spend time trying to keep everyone spotless.  It’s not a huge deal to me as I really don’t mind doing laundry and there are few things (like we talked about Abbie) that give me more pleasure than a tidy linen closet.  I’ve noticed since adding another child in diapers to my home, though, that my water consumption has gone up.  Since I don’t water our plants (we don’t have a garden this year and what plants we do have are a lost cause) and I’ve learned to take my showers in 7 minutes or less, I decided that the greater water usage is excusable considering that I’m not throwing diapers in a landfill on a daily basis. 
Growing up, I don’t really remember using our dryer for much, except for my father’s police uniforms.  As soon as the weather was pleasant in the spring all the way until it was just too cold out in the Fall, we hung our laundry outside on the line.  Even in the winter, we air dried in the basement.  I can remember running outside when a summer storm threatened and folding laundry straight off the line in the evenings when everything was dry.  I had a small line put up at our other house, but it wasn’t fantastic and I hated using it.  In the end, I wasn’t as committed to line drying as I thought I was.  When we moved here, I realized that our backyard is large enough to hold a good sized laundry line, plus a garden and a swing set and there’s still room let over to play catch or football or even badminton. 
My goal for this summer was to get a line up and being used regularly for all our laundry.  As each week of the summer has ticked by, I still did not have my line, until the power went out 2 weeks ago.  The heat was just unbearable that week.  My husband came home from work that day as his office was out and since his work is done on the computer, he was just sitting there twiddling his thumbs.  Turns out, there was a breaker that blew North of town and we were out of power for almost 6 hours.  Instead of sitting here, melting, we packed the kids up and headed to Amish Country where, in the irony of ironies, they had power and therefore cool homes.  Once we were there, we decided to stop at Lehmans General Store.  And as luck would have it, they had whole laundry line kits that would give me 7 whole lines of fresh air drying!  The next day, Matt dug and cemented the holes for the poles and on Tuesday, I started doing laundry.  

I just love hanging my laundry outside in the sunshine.  For one thing, they smell amazing!  The diapers are easily bleached out in case of random stains.  And I haven’t used my dryer in two weeks.  Considering that our electricity bills are higher since we’re trying to keep the house cool, I’m excited to see what a difference it makes.  Liam prefers to spend his day running around outside, and so I just pack everything up and we head out while I’m hanging laundry and then when it’s dry, I bring it all back up to the patio and fold it while he plays and Sylvia watches.  I will say that with my clothes, I hang them inside out so that the sun doesn’t bleach any of the colors.  And I’m also not into the whole neighborhood seeing my unders, so they air dry in the basement on a rack.  I’m anxious to see how little I can use the dryer and for how long.  Of course, there will be days when it rains and I have to bring the laundry in.   I’m also considering setting up a system in the basement, but haven’t worked that out yet.  But until those decisions are made, I’m enjoying the smell of sunshine on everything I wash!

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