Lego Castle Adventure COSI premiere

Yesterday, I got to spend the day in Columbus at COSI (The Center of Science and Industry) for the preview of the Lego Castle Adventure. As a family, we love COSI and visit every chance we get. At our last visit, I saw the poster announcing the arrival of the Lego exhibit, and mentally marked it on my calendar. When I got an email a few weeks ago with the invitation to attend, I was sort of excited estatic.

We arrived this morning bright and early with Liam and my nephew, Bradley. The boys and my husband were practically running into the building to get to the exhibit. The boys loved that there were building stations set up all over the exhibit and Matt loved that there were replicas of historical castles built from Legos throughout. I really liked that not only were Lego replicas and opportunities to build (and with a few different sizes of Legos), but there was a castle set up, costumes and even a little jousting set.  It was really well done and fun for all of us!

We checked out a few of the other exhibits including the Gadgets, Life (where I got to meet Tiffany of the Nature Moms Blog!!!)and Progress. We don’t usually go to the Gadgets exhibit because it’s not really something that Sylvi has been able to participate in, so it was neat to see this through the eyes of a 3-year-old.

All those photos? Made from jelly beans!!

COSI not only has this fantastic exhibit right now, they also upgraded the Little Kid Space.  There are new activities for the little ones (including a great new train track!), but the Big Kid Space also has new activities and even some experiments to occupy their brains while the little ones get the chance to do something exactly on their level.

If you live in Ohio, or within a fair driving distance to Columbus, COSI would make for a great weekend trip. There are so many fun exhibits I haven’t even told you about, but I figure you’ll just need to make your own trip there to discover them for yourself! I’m very appreciative to COSI for the opportunity to come and view this exhibit before the rest of the other Lego fans out there. In case you weren’t aware, if you have a reciprocal membership with the Association of Children’s Museums, you can get in for free (although you’ll have to pay for parking since the lots are not owned by COSI, but it’s only $5).

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