Long over due link love

So what’s going on around your home?  Here it’s been primarily sickness, but I am hopeful that we’ve gotten it all behind us so we can enjoy all the holiday events without incident.  I mean really… is there anything more pathetic than a preschooler laid out on the couch, miserable?

However, in the midst of all this, I’ve managed to finish my Christmas shopping, yay!  And sent out all our Christmas cards. We had family photos taken last weekend, but Sylvi was sick with a high fever and I’m not totally in love with the product.  But oh well, we’re documented as we are.

I’ve been sewing a lot… a LOT. I made a new pincushion… that was long overdue. I was using a pincushion my mother had in 4H. She would have been 59 right now. Mmmm, I hate to say this, but my new one is way cuter than Mom’s.  Sorry 4H. And then, I whipped up this adorable top. Almost can’t wait for summer now! Also, working on a crib sheet for my cousin’s baby and I have a skirt in the works for Sylvi.

I’ve been learning about myself in the last few weeks, too. PhD in Parenting had an awesome post about introversion and I felt compelled to purchase the book she mentioned. I don’t have tons of time to read anymore, but I bought the book Quiet on Nook so that I can read it on my phone or my Nook whenever I have the time. If you are the kind of person who isn’t energized by social situations and have always felt like something is “wrong” with you as a result, I highly recommend this book. In a society where the Queen Bees and Kingpins are idolized, it’s important to value your needs even when they don’t match everyone else’s.

I also discovered Etsy. Not that I didn’t already know about it, it’s just that I’m in love with the creativity I’ve found! Gretchen of That Mama Gretchen hosted a Scarf Tour on the blog and I just absorbed everything she wrote. And then I bought this scarf and this scarf from her Etsy shop. I also bought a scarf from Global Girlfriends in support of women in India. Gretchen changed my ideas about accessorizing. I have worked hard to get myself into the gym and continue working on my health and I tell you sometimes, it just takes an updated look to remind you that you’re not just mom.

So as I spend this week working on Christmas gifts for my MOPS table, finishing my sewing projects and hopefully working out a few new posts… I’m crazy about cranberries and I feel the need to share. But that’s just a teaser to keep you interested. Hopefully.

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