Mighty Mommy Monday – Avocado edition

It’s Mighty Mommy Monday! Abbie of Farmer’s Daughter and I have decided to challenge you on a weekly basis.  Claim the Mighty Mommy title for yourself — every day, not just Mondays. Every week, we’ll host a link up for you to tell us what you’re doing to take care of your health: workouts, menu plans, how to keep your family active, etc. I’ve set a few goals for 2014, but my biggest is to swim a total of 30 freestyle miles this year. Join us!


Now personally, I’m not a fan of avocados. I don’t eat them any other way than in this snack. I know they are so, so, so good for you, but I cannot get past the texture. However, when blended with a tart, crisp apple, it serves as a creamy addition to raw applesauce. This is a quick and easy snack that will fill you up through the afternoon and give you plenty of beneficial fats. Which, I’m learning the further I get into the book, Grain Brain, are very important for the health and function of your brain!.

So here we go: 1 ripe avocado, 2 apples, 2 Tbsp honey, 1 pear per person served and cinnamon. Cut up your avocado (this post has great instructions if you’ve never encountered one) and place it into a food processor with the 2 apples. I peel the apples, but you can do as you wish. Add in the honey and process until smooth(ish). Chop up the pear and spoon your avocado mix over the top. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Eat right away, it will turn brown if you forget about it. (Brown is ugly, but doesn’t impact the flavor in case it ever happens to you.) 

I’m making an effort to share this recipe so that I would be reminded again why I loved this as a child. My mom used to make it as a breakfast option it is truly very filling. I’m having to make some adjustments to my workout routines as I’ve learned more about how to get and keep my thyroid in proper working order, and as I mentioned above, I’m reading literature about our diets again. Did you know that your brain is dependent on fats to function? And that research is showing more and more a connection between those people who ascribe to a high-carb, low-fat diet and dementia? Makes me want to go hug my ghee!

Tell me, are there any ways you like to incorporate avocado into your diet? 

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