Mighty Mommy Monday

Welcome *hack* Monday *cough* *sniffle* *hack*

Oh yeah. I got knocked down Monday evening and thought a solid night’s worth of sleep would be helpful. Oh no. Tuesday and Wednesday I was absolutely miserable and by Friday I could barely sit upright. So…. no exercising for me. I feel that it’s important to mention that typically speaking, a cold does not keep me from sweating. In college, I had a friend who told me that whenever I felt something coming on, it was time to hit the gym and sweat out the germs in my body. Flawed theory? Perhaps, but I followed it for years, hitting the gym as soon as I started feeling icky in an attempt to ward off a cold.

I’ve googled whether or not this is a good idea, asked my doctor and the trainers at the gym and the general consensus is that if you don’t have a fever and you feel strong enough, a light workout isn’t a bad idea. But. If you cannot stand up without passing out or have horribly swollen glands, I’d suggest staying home. And if you’re in Abbie’s situation this week… just pray you survive.

Yesterday, I made it an entire day without being dizzy or lightheaded which is awesome. I haven’t walked into any doors and I am far less grumpy. Today, I will attempt a full abs workout and upper body weights. I say attempt, but I fully intend to succeed! And then, I’m gonna CLEAN this house like the dickens. We still smell like every essential oil in the cold/flu arsenal, but a little elbow grease never hurt!

So how was your week? Healthy? Disappointing? Empowering? Share with us!

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