Mighty Mommy Mondays

Here we are in the first full week of January! How are you doing with working out? Eating well? Drinking your water?

For the first 6 weeks of the year, my plan is to do the Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack dvd five days a week and go to the Y twice a week to swim.  The weather here is bitterly cold and the Y actually closed on my planned swim day at the end of last week! Here, one of the key indicators that the weather is bad is if the Y or the library close… BOTH closed! And with the temperatures what they are predicting for the first part of the week, I’ll be using our treadmill instead of venturing out! The good news is that I almost have the 6W6P dvd memorized 🙂

The kids have the dvd pretty much memorized as well. For me, watching the kids exercise alongside me is one of my greatest reasons to continue working toward my goals. Neither one of them has the moves down like Jillian and her girls, but they have the enthusiasm! I’m so proud watching them stick it out through the moves, asking me for weights and cheering me on. During my rest day last week, Liam was bothered that I didn’t exercise. According to him, I should have done some “push ups or sompfin”.

I have a few friends who are very healthy and challenge me to care for myself, and as much as they’ve inspired me with their personal drive, it’s how their health has impacted their children that keeps me going. Their children run, swim, bike and play with everything they have because they’ve learned healthy habits from their mothers (and fathers, I’m sure, but I don’t really know the dads very well). This is what I want for my children! The opportunity to be strong and healthy their whole lives. It’s so much easier to get strong while you are young… before the kids, the stretch marks and the sleepless nights. I’m not one to push my children into a specific mold, but I am thrilled to watch them determine they like the mold I’m working on with my own health and want to join in!

What progress did you make toward your health & fitness goals in the past week? Share in the comments and/or go write a post about it and come back to link it up here! Feel free to use our Mighty Mommy Mondays badge in your posts or on your side bar, with a link back here, to spread the word. In the spirit of community and encouragement, please take some time to visit the other posts linked below and see what kind of goals everyone else has set for 2014. And don’t forget to come back here or to Farmer’s Daughter every Monday to share your progress!

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  1. You are so right that encouraging kids to be healthy is greatly impacted by being a role model! My kids hang all over me when I try to exercise though, so if I’m serious about it I wait til they’re in bed. It’s warm today here but we’re getting that arctic blast tomorrow!

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