More potty talk

Oh the bathroom… do you feel that as a parent you spend so. much. time. in there?!  I have two kiddos and I promise you, some body is always announcing a need for the potty. Since I spend so much time in there, I decided this past Spring it was time for a facelift.  I painted all the cupboards and the air vent white, replaced the hardware and updated the pretties.

Since I’m always in there (seemingly), I manage to keep up with the cleaning while I wait.  I will tell you that I’m a pretty fussy bathroom cleaner, though.  And yes, I always leave the toilet seat up.  See that nifty potty seat, there?  It hides in the lid with a super strong magnet and I’ve discovered if I want my kiddos to develop independence, making it easy for them to get themselves situated is the best route.  So the stool and the potty seat remain for the foreseeable future. Please ignore the hideous grout, though.  I’ve tried everything and apparently you can’t clean 60 years worth of yuck off old grout.  So… I guess we’ll have to re-do it.  Maybe.

I’ve been wanting one of those Mason Jar Soap Dispensers I saw all over Pinterest or Etsy, but wasn’t willing to pay the price (plus shipping), so I gave up my favorite Mason Jar that I found in the attic of our first house and tend to use as a vase, as the soap dispenser base. Since I have black frames in the bathroom, I found a black pump to match.  The tubing had to be trimmed to fit the right length, but the only other piece needed was a canning lid and ring.  I spray painted those glossy black, drilled a hole in the top of the jar lid and hot glued the pump to it.  Easy-peasy, Lemon-squeezy!!

I found a pretty seersucker shower curtain at Kohl’s (which they apparently no longer carry, so I’m glad I bought it when I did!) and it was the simple update I was looking for.  I googled vintage butterfly prints for images to fill the frames in the bathroom… we’ve had photos of the Eiffel Tower in our bathroom since we got married… time for a change!

I’m undecided on painting the rest of the woodwork in the bathroom… on one hand, it would brighten up the room a lot and would so much nice, but on the other, it’s the bathroom where we spend much of our time and I’d probably had trouble keeping little hands out of the drying paint!  Eventually, it will probably get done, it’s just not my immediate to-do list.  Oh and I’d really like to replace the faucet handles.  A little “too” retro for my taste!

So what are you up to these days?  Any fun projects in your home?



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