My favorite things

I have a little guy who is teething right now, our house isn’t really all that fun.  All the tears from today and last night were ironic given that I have a post to finish that talks about cooking with a baby in the house.  I’ve been working on myself and my “mama zen” levels and coming to terms with the simple fact that my life is no longer organized and predictable.  I love, love, love my life, but it’s a daily adjustment.  

Every morning though, I wake up in eager anticipation of my homemade iced mochas.  My nifty reuseable cup is bright enough to perk up even the toothiest of mornings!

My hydrangeas are the absolute best they have ever been this summer.  I wasn’t too sure about them when we bought the house, but every year, I am blown away by their blooms and variety of colors.  The colors range from a magenta pink to a sweet blue.  The smallest one is a deep purple and was a gift from my mother’s funeral.  I think she’d be amazed with my plants.

My absolute favorite thing of today was seeing the pile of neatly folded diapers on my freshly made bed this morning.  

And Vito… faithfully following me everywhere so I’m never alone in whatever I have to do.  He tollerates all the poking and smacking and drooling from Liam just so he’s sure that he’s endeared himself enough to get an extra treat or two.  Given that he finally got Liam to laugh today just by sniffing him… he can have the whole box of treats!


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