No Skeletons Here!

Yesterday afternoon, my living room looked like this: 

Today… I can see the carpet! I probably should have been out shoveling like all of my neighbors, but, um, I didn’t want to. And really, it’s so satisfying for me to look at the closet, with the organized baskets, coats that are actually being used and freshly painted walls. I sorted through all our coats, purged out the ones that are no longer the right size (that was embarrassing… 4 for me!) and took the kids’ snow gear to the basement to be treated for stains and washed. When it comes to kids’ outerwear, I’m finding that if you purchase brand names on sale, you’ll find excellent deals and you can resell them once you’re done with them for a tidy profit.

With this project completed and reminding me how wonderful a time of year it is to start the clean/purge/paint cycle, I’m working on a Spring Cleaning list. And by “spring”, I mean done-before-spring-so-I-can-run-and-play-outside! Lots of little projects, closets to paint, bins to organize, that kind of stuff. I always check out the posts on I Heart Organizing and Clean Mama for tips, inspiration and how-tos.  As I was telling my friend, Nina, this morning, I’d have never thought to paint the inside of a closet until I saw it done on I Heart Organizing! And wow! What an impact!

As the snow continues to fall, I’ll be here, making my lists, and planning for the time when I can go outside. The planning is what keeps me content; knowing there’s an order to my time gives me hope for the sunshine!

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