On teething and it’s relief

When we had our first baby showers for Liam, I read on the list that we needed things for the medicine cabinet, specifically mylicon and oragel.  When Liam had gas, I dutifully gave him the recommended dose of Mylicon.  For us, it was a very disappointing waste of 8 dollars.  In light of this experience, when Liam started showing signs of teething, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a numbing gel that I envisioned being all over my child’s mouth.

I have always used homeopathics to aid in the healing of bruising (Arnica) and the settling of anxious nerves at night (Chamomilla) so I contacted our local health food store and asked for advice.  Since I have always been a pleased customer and the very happy recipient of reflexology treatments in the final weeks of my pregnancy, I was more than willing to trust their instructions.

Initially, I purchased and swore by Hylands’ Teething Tablets.  I would see a change in Liam almost as soon as they dissolved in his mouth.  I felt like I was safe giving him those tablets and I loved that we weren’t going through as much Tylenol as some of his little friends were just to make it through the day.  Liam got his first six teeth in the space of a week and I’ve never been so grateful for homeopathics!

Of course, the FDA got involved right as Liam’s 2 year molars were coming through and I bought every available bottle of the teething tablets before they were taken off the market.  Thankfully, you can purchase the individual ingredients and so we keep Chamomilla and Belladonna on hand.  Chamomilla serves to help with the irritability and Belladonna to give comfort for the inflammation (and redness).

With Sylvi, I have bottles of either the newly formulated (and FDA approved) teething tablets from Hylands, or Chamomilla stashed around the house, diaper bag and even the car.  She has been working on teeth for months and this morning her third tooth finally popped through, number 4 looking as though it will join us soon.  (In the interest of full disclosure, we did try some Oragel this time since she seemed to be so miserable.  However, I discontinued it’s use when I accidentally got some on my lip (this is what happens when you are exhausted and forget what you have on your fingers at 3 am…).  My lip was oddly numb and tingled for 2 hours.  I couldn’t sleep because of it and decided that if she was really in pain, Tylenol would have to do.  So far, it’s been used even less than it was with Liam.)

I also purchased an Amber Teething Necklace for Sylvi when she was just a few months old.  I’m not certain what has helped her the most, but I think that I can say this teething experience has been much less worse than Liam’s.  It’s seemed to take longer for her teeth to break through, but she’s not been as miserable.  Her sleep patterns haven’t really been impacted, thank goodness, and she’s only moderately fussy during the day.

I’m currently trying to teach myself more about Homeopathy so that I can use it with more confidence.  My friend Sara has written a wonderful post on why she uses Homeopathy and lists her favorite remedies at the bottom.  I’ve ordered the book she recommends and really look forward to it’s arrival!  If you are interested in more information specifically on teething, check out this post.  Little Mountain Homeopathy blog is written by a classical homeopath, so it has a wealth of information!

What about you?  Do you use Homeopathy in your home?  If so, what are your favorite remedies?

2 Replies to “On teething and it’s relief”

  1. Are you using herbs or water with memory? I can’t quite tell how you’re using the term homeopathy here.

    Oooh I have a good homeopathy joke! Did you hear about the terrorist who gave an entire city scurvy? He dropped 3 drops of orange juice in the water supply. 😛

    If you actually do use homeopathy the way that I normally hear it discussed, please don’t feel that I’m attempting to stomp on your habits — although I am not personally a user or a believer in such things, I also know that a) the power of belief is amazing and b) I don’t care if something is “supposed” to work so long as it does!

    Congrats on having an easier teething with Sylvia!

    1. Haha! Nice! Umm, I prefer the little pellets of the herbs, not the liquid.

      Honestly, I don’t understand how it works. I’ve read a few articles that talk about the water memory, but I’m a little skeptical. I wish it were just straight herbs and not all the extra hoopla that goes along with it sometimes. Although, I will say that I figure it must actually work on kids because they don’t have the belief yet… you know? Sometimes, I will take something and wonder if I “really” feel better or if I just relaxed enough to feel better. But, like you said, who cares… at least something has been effective!

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