Pregnancy Cravings

I find it amazing how my tastes can change so quickly.  Last night, I wanted a roast chicken for supper.  And I was going to make a rice dish… but then, somehow… my mind wandered to potatoes and I thought I’d make mashed potatoes… or baked… or broiled… or oh!  I could make the Lola fries!  Ever since having them this summer, I’ve been meaning to make them, but hadn’t got up the gumption to deal with frying potatoes.  Since we are getting the family into the kitchen as much as possible now, I thought it would be something fun to do with Liam running around.  We ran 6 potatoes over my mandoline’s julienne cutter and I will tell you that it made far too many for just the 3 of us.  Didn’t stop me from eating them though!

Liam was convinced that the julienned potatoes were cheese and kept reaching for handfuls to try.  I lost count of how many he sampled before get gave up and believed us that they were potatoes, not cheese.  I had read a report once that the main “vegetable” consumption of children in Liam’s age group was the french fry.  I have really tried hard to not let him have too many potatoes, but when it’s literally my favorite comfort food, regardless of preparation, I just felt bad.  So, we’ve varied the preparations of potatoes in this house and Liam loves them all.  These fries were the perfect size for his sweet little hands to grab hold of.  Instead of throwing whole pieces of rosemary on the fries, I ground dried rosemary up and mixed it in with the salt.  I made far too much of the salt mixture, but it was a hit with both of my boys, so I’ll keep it on hand and try it with other things.

Michael says that it’s best to fry the potatoes once at 275, drain, rinse, pat dry and fry again at 350.  Perhaps this is something you do when you have time.  Not only did I decide to do fries right before the chicken was done, I have a toddler.  He wasn’t up for waiting for the second frying.  However, they were shear perfection and regardless of how we chose to prepare our potatoes from now on, I’ll be adding some rosemary to the seasoning!  Stay tuned tomorrow for my adaptation of his spicy ketchup!

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  1. Hello :0) I just ran into your blog the other day when I was on FoodieView – the picture of your fries elokod so tempting…so I tried the recipe on the weekend and they were delish – thanks for sharing such a great recipe! Adding your blog to my list of ones to read regularly! And just one tip to help make your fries extra crispy…when slicing up potatoes, keep them soaking in cold water while you slice up the rest – I think this helps to suck some of the starch out of them and helps to make them super crispy! Happy cooking!

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