Quickest update

How is it April already? Our days just seem to fly right by any more. I find myself willing time to slow down and it just ignores me. Why? Because it doesn’t care… it’s me that wishes the little ones would stay little just a bit longer.

We have 13 more days of school left. We got into a wonderful groove with school this year and I’m going to continue it for sure. Three days of school over the summer and then 4 days throughout the school year. With me working and needing to travel from time to time, this works out well for us and we don’t feel burnt out or bored.

Oh. Another way to keep things interesting? Keeping track of the books you read. I started a GoodReads list with kids books for 2017. Some Liam has read, some we read together and some were audiobooks. Regardless, we now have a list so we can see what we’ve read through and keep growing our list. If you download the GoodReads app on your phone, you can even scan the book cover to enter it onto you list. It’s super fun.

We also discovered the show Mysteries of the Museum. It was a random scanning through the stations discovery. And boy I tell you, we just got sucked in. I find myself sinking into the couch to watch “just one more” episode. I need to know all the details of history. We’ve got it all set up on the dvr to record every. single. episode.


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